CCC sunday meeting
about us

We are a group of ordinary people whose lives have been changed by the extraordinary message of Jesus. We meet together each week to listen to what the Bible has to say, because we believe that what God has to say changes lives.  We are Christians, not Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, or a cult. We are part of Calvary Mission, a Christian organisation which has been spreading the good news of Jesus throughout Co. Mayo for over fifteen years.

We would love to give you the opportunity to get to know Jesus for yourself. We find that many people in Castlebar know about God, but don't really know him for themselves. But through the Bible, you have the opportunity to start a relationship with the creator of the universe.

Perhaps you have questions about God, about the meaning of life, or about suffering. Why not join us to see what the Bible says about these issues? You would be welcome to come to any of our meetings.

This leaflet gives some more information about our church.

Stephen Childs,
14 Oct 2015, 07:22