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A busy summer

posted 25 Aug 2014, 06:11 by Stephen Childs
Heart of Castlebar

This summer has been a busy one for Calvary Church Castlebar. At the start of July, we hosted OM’s Big Red Bus at the Heart of Castlebar street festival. It’s just the second year we’ve done this, and it is already becoming an institution! The OM team provided face-painting and a puppet show for the children and we had great opportunities to talk with the grown-ups. One lady received a church invitation and when she read some of the questions on the back such as “What happens when I die?” “How can I be sure God will welcome me into heaven?” she said “Those are exactly the kind of questions I have.” We'd love to help you explore with us the answers that the Bible provides to questions like that.

Ten days later, we welcomed Toby Holt, a pastor from the USA, to give us a “Bible in an Hour” presentation. It proved to be an informative evening, as he showed that from beginning to end, the Bible speaks of what God has done to make it possible for sinners to be forgiven and know God through Jesus.

Kids clubOn August 12th we hosted our first kids' club: "The Greatest Treasure of All". We had great fun walking the plank, making treasure maps out of ice cream and singing about following Captain Jesus. But the most important thing of all was the message from the Bible that the greatest treasure of all is peace with God, and that we can only have that by trusting in Jesus Christ. Parents and friends joined us afterwards for a barbeque, which provided a good opportunity to talk more about what we believe.