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A meal with a mission

posted 17 Jun 2015, 09:47 by Stephen Childs   [ updated 17 Jun 2015, 09:50 ]
Meal with a mission Ger McNamara
On Sunday June 21st we'll be meeting in the evening (5:30 pm) to have a meal together and to hear from Ger McNamara. Ger McNamara is from Limerick, is married to Kathy (from Hungary) and they have three teenage children. Ger was brought up as a Catholic but came to know Jesus as his Saviour at the age of 17. He has been serving as a missionary in Hungary for 14 years and recently spent a year in the Middle East helping Christians there.

Their ministry in Hungary is reaching the poor and needy. They work with
orphans (60-70% of whom are typically trafficked into prostitution). They also lead Bible studies, counsel the bereaved and depressed, lead a small church group of twenty people and preach in various different churches.

Their ministry in the Middle-East is still new. Ger teaches, mentors and helps Christians there. He hopes to travel there again within
the year to continue teaching church leaders.
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