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Wonderful first day at CCC

posted 9 Sep 2013, 04:40 by Stephen Childs
CCC first meeting
We had a great time yesterday at the first meeting of Calvary Church Castlebar. After sorting out a few last-minute hitches (key not working at first, guitar left at home!) everything ran smoothly, thanks to lots of help from our wonderful team (half of whom only arrived in the country last week). It was great to have friends with us from Calvary Church Westport on our first day. However, what was really encouraging was to have some visitors who had received an invite through their door and decided to come along.

Our whole meeting was focussed on "God's perfect plan for the universe - it's all about Jesus". Grown-ups and kids enjoyed singing songs, listening to a bible talk, making gold medals, and chatting over tea and sandwiches. My hope for this week is that each of us will look at our plans for each day and think about how they reflect God's plan. How can we show other people how great Jesus is?