Post date: 14-Oct-2015 14:18:47

Sam Baptism Lough Lannagh

A few weeks ago (Sunday 27th) we had our first baptism in Lough Lannagh. In the bible, people get baptised once they have decided to turn from their sins and follow Jesus. We were delighted to hear about how God has been at work in Sam's life, bringing him to the point of wanting to commit his whole life to serving Jesus. After he told us about how God brought him to this point, we all went down to the lake (3 minutes walk!) and Andrew and I waded in with him.

Sam had an opportunity to say out loud before the church and his friends and family how he had turned from his old way of life to follow Jesus, and to commit himself to living for Jesus every day from now on. Once this was done, it was under the water with him! As Sam went down into the water and (thankfully) we brought him back up again, it was a powerful picture of something old ending and something new beginning. All by the power and grace of God and in his name as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.